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Preparing Your Vehicle for Winter

Winter storms, ice, and snow all can make roads extremely dangerous. The below-freezing temperatures can slew issues like frozen brake fluid and deflated tires. Hence, preparing your vehicle for winter is crucial to avoid breakdowns and accidents. As experts in the auto industry, here are our top tips for winterproofing your vehicle:


Check Pressure

The pressure in the tires decreases during the winter due to the cold temperatures. They deflate once the temperature falls below 32°. It decreases the gas mileage of your vehicle, wears out the tires faster. Additionally, low air pressure in the tires can be dangerous as it reduces the control of the car. Therefore, it's essential to maintain proper tire pressure during winters.

Get Snow Tires

As Quad Cities like Davenport get heavy snow, switch to snow tires. They increase driving safety as you get better traction in slush, snow, and icy conditions. Snow tires are specially designed for winter conditions.

They provide excellent performance, thereby making it easy to drive on slippery and snowy roads. When investing in snow tires, make sure they carry the mountain/snowflake winter tire symbol and has tread no less than 3.5 mm.

Inspect the battery

Car batteries mostly die in winters because of added strain put on them by the cold weather. During winters, vehicles have to work harder as the motor oil often thickens by the temperature. This lowers the battery's performance capacity. Hence, get your battery inspected to ensure no corrosion on the terminals and your fluids and cables are functioning at their optimal levels.

Invest in Preventative Maintenance

This is key to making sure your battery, fuses, lights, heating system, brakes, suspension, battery, and engine are all in top shape. An expert will inspect your vehicle properly and check if all systems are functioning as needed. They may make specific changes like replacing the wiper blades with winter blades to help you push snow and ice easily.

Plus, expect antifreeze checks to ensure the moisture doesn't build up in the gas tank and dilute the fuel. This can put undue strain on the pump and other parts of your vehicle. The expert may also replace windshields and brake fluids with formulas exclusively designed for the winter season during preventative maintenance.

A formula rated for colder weather is suitable to ensure that fluids don't freeze up and get dirty. Regular brake fluid can get dirty in winters. It may form even form tiny water molecules that are not good for your vehicle.

So, what are you waiting for? Schedule a maintenance service with us today. Our certified and trained mechanics at Dale's Service Center perform the necessary service and repairs to ensure your winter road safety. We offer comprehensive maintenance and repair services including but not limited to alignments, brakes, steering and suspension, emission, engine, oil change, and tires. Let us help prepare your vehicle for winter.

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