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Potholes and Your Vehicle’s Suspension System – What’s the Connection

Driving around potholes isn’t always an option; sometimes, you must go through them just right. And while you may think you’ve come out of the pesky potholes unharmed if you didn’t spill your latte or punctured a tire, sadly, it’s rarely true. Hitting a pothole rocks the entire suspension system of your vehicle, and a few good strikes can cause premature wear and tear to it. But you can’t just let it be. Considering how essential a fully functional suspension system is to prevent accidents and maintain a safe ride amidst these roadway nuisances, it’s vital to get it regularly checked and repaired by a professional auto repair service.

Why is Maintaining a Safe Suspension System So Important?

A vehicle’s suspension system doesn’t just ensure a smooth ride; it plays a pivotal role in keeping those in the vehicle safe on the road. It manages the friction between the tires and the road, allowing you to steer or maneuver it on the road safely and with more stability. A poorly functioning, damaged, or broken suspension system can make you lose control and increase the chances of a car bouncing off or swaying and rolling on turnings. The suspension also plays a vital role in helping the vehicle maintain its center of gravity after a shock; it works with shock absorbers to prevent the springs from bouncing back and creating a counter-shock.

How to Know Your Vehicle’s Suspension Needs Repair?

While the best way to spot any impending issues in your car’s suspension system is to get it regularly checked by a professional mechanic. They can spot issues way before they become apparent to you. However, considering that most people do not follow the regular mechanic inspection recommendations, it’s important to know the signs that indicate those pesky potholes have caused damage to your vehicle’s suspension system. Here are some of the crucial ones:

  • Leaking hydraulic fluid; indicates worn-out struts
  • Uneven wear on the tires
  • Car vibrating while driving
  • Difficulty with driving on inclines
  • Weird noises
  • Alignment issues; car pulling to one side
  • Crooked steering wheel
  • Bottoming out

Combat Pothole Damage with Regular Repair and Maintenance

The ideal approach to protect your vehicle from pothole damage is to avoid them. However, as said earlier, it’s not always possible. In cases where you have no option but to go over a pothole, you should always slow down to reduce the risk of damage. Don’t apply the brake while going through a pothole; it will only make things worse for the tires.

Lastly, if you notice any of these signs, take your vehicle to an expert mechanic ASAP and get its suspension system repaired before it causes an unfortunate incident.

Bring Your Car to Dale’s for the Best Suspension Repair Services in Davenport

Dale’s Auto Repair is a reliable name in Davenport’s auto repair industry. We provide a wide range of premium vehicle repair and maintenance services, of which suspension repair is a crucial part.

Driving with poor suspension can put your and your loved ones’ safety and lives at risk. It’s not a risk worth taking. Don’t wait for the signs to show up. If your vehicle hits potholes frequently, bring it to us for an expert inspection at your earliest. Dial (563) 293-7081 or schedule an appointment online to avail a limited-time discount offer.

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