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Includes Free Tire rotation if needed. Replace Oil Filter and replenish with Semi-Synthetic Engine oil. Complimentary Safety and Maintenance Inspection. Check Tires and Tire Pressures. Check and Top off all Fluids. *Includes Most Vehicles.

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Laying in the snow?

Dale's Service Center | Car covered with snow

Even I have a hard time starting on a cold morning. Recently I had a call come into the shop. "My car won't start, can you come to my house and give me a jump start because I need to get to work asap." "Of course we will, Mr. Smith." When I got there, Mr. Smith was laying under the car in a heap of snow looking for his battery. "I would have jump started it myself if I could find the darn thing," he said. After a quick inspection, I realized the battery was buried under an abundance of plastic shroud intertwined with bracing to hold the entire car together. I was praying, even more than Mr. Smith, that my handy-dandy super start jump pack would get the engine started. Well..... it was just too cold and the battery had already sacrificed itself through four Iowa winters. I heard an ERRR, ERRR, ERR, ER noise coming from under the hood and I knew at that time it was too late. "She's a goner, it needs a new battery." In order to replace it, I would need to get it on a hoist, raise the vehicle up, take the front wheel off, remove the 'aerodynamic' decorative shrouds and replace the battery. It was towed in and taken care of. Unfortunately, Mr. Smith was a little late for work.

The main reason why batteries fail during winter weather is because your engine oil is thicker, causing the engine to spin slower. "It's like molasses in January." Also, cold air and cold fuel are more difficult to ignite, causing the engine to turn over slower before popping off and starting. This requires more voltage which causes strain on your battery. Fresh oil and a full tank of gas are optimal. Also, have your battery tested in the late fall or replace if it is older before you are caught laying in the snow.


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