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Get Your Vehicles Prepared for the Winter Months

The winter season requires you to take extra care of your vehicle, especially when it comes to maintenance. When the winter comes, the oil of your motor, antifreeze, and transmission fluid can become thick and lose their fluidity, making them slow-moving.

This requires you to inspect your vehicle and take it to an auto repair shop for servicing. However, it is better to be prepared in advance and get your vehicle checked before winter arrives.

Things to Look Out for in the Winter Season

When the winter season comes, the tire’s pressure drops about a pound every square inch with every 10-degree Fahrenheit drop in air temperature. While this may pose an issue when starting the car, once the heat builds up in the tires, causing air to expand, the warning light can turn off after driving just a few miles.

The cooling system also gets faulty in the winter season, which causes the car to heat up. Leaky coolant or blocked thermostats can cause heating issues, which should be checked before winter arrives. If there is a leak in the coolant system, the system gets low cooling, making it difficult for the air to pass through the passages in the engine.

Since the oil becomes thicker in the winter season, it requires extra effort to pump into the engine block. This constant force strains the vehicle’s battery, making it weak in cold weather.

Auto Repair Requirements

Batteries can die easily in the winter season, which is why it is recommended to get them checked before the cold arrives. Replacing the battery is not necessary. However, you can load-test it beforehand to prepare it for the winter season.

The air pressure drops with the temperature in your tires. Even though the car manual will be able to let you know when it requires air pressure, you can still get a tire pressure gauge to test the air in the tires. You can change your tires beforehand to avoid any accident in extreme weather. If your area does not experience heavy snowfall, getting tires suitable for all seasons is a good option. But if it does snow heavily, you might want to invest in snow tires.

The wiper blades should also be replaced beforehand so they are not worn out and inefficient at removing snow from your windshield. If the wiper blades can’t remove the snow, it can be dangerous and limit your visibility.

Winter brings out the dark months with it, which means you need to get your car lights checked to ensure you have full visibility when driving during the night or in snowy conditions. When the ice covers your headlights, it automatically dims down the glow of your car if it is not replaced beforehand.

Dale’s Main Services

Whether you need a brake repair, oil change, or transmission service, Dale’s Auto Repairs’ certified technicians are always there for your vehicles. They also provide the benefits of replacing calipers, pads, and brake hoses. The team specializes in brake repair to help you avoid any accident, especially in extreme weather. Along with that, they also provide the services for glass replacement, free shuttle, extended warranties, trailer brakes, services, and wirings.

Dale’s Service Center treats its customers as if they were caring for their own car. Safety comes above all for Dale’s Service Center, which allows them to treat the vehicles so that they are reliable enough to be safely driven in any weather.


The winter season can be dangerous for vehicles on the road as harsh weather conditions can lead to accidents. It’s better to be prepared for the winter season, which is why we recommend ensuring your car is serviced and ready for winter.

Whether you’re looking to service your vehicle for winter or require immediate assistance, you can reach out to Dale’s Service Center if you want a reliable car service center for your vehicle repair needs. You can contact us anytime for your complete car care at (563) 293-7081.

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