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Get Your Vehicle’s Brakes Serviced

Regardless of how well-maintained your car is in other aspects, getting your brakes checked and serviced regularly is the most important requirement for safe and responsible driving. Your ability to brake safely and timely is essential for your safety and that of others, especially pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcyclists.

Understanding the Brakes

All wheeled vehicles have brakes, and their function is relatively simple. Most vehicles have hydraulic brakes. When you push down the brake pedal, it pushes at a piston that pushes the brake pad against the brake disc, also known as the rotors.

The disc braking system of any vehicle constitutes a caliper fitted with brake pads. When you press the brake pedal, the caliper squeezes your vehicle’s brake pads against the wheels, causing your vehicle to stop.

Running Brake Inspection on Your Own

While it’s best to consult a professional when testing your brakes, you can run an initial inspection independently. First, get your brakes checked at least twice a year to gauge how worn out they are.

To check the condition of your brakes, you can take off your wheel and see the brake pads and disc. If the disc looks worn out or the brake pads seem thinned out, your vehicle needs to be serviced and repaired. Also, if you see cracks in brake lines, they’d need to be replaced.

One major indicator that your brake pads need to be repaired is if you hear a screeching sound every time you press the brakes. This is because your brake pads have been worn out too thin, and you need to get your brakes serviced.

Brake Maintenance at Dale’s

You shouldn’t wait till you hear your vehicle screeching to get your brakes checked. You may not know if your brakes were installed incorrectly or have been damaged before it’s too late, and this is where we come in. We provide premium auto repair and maintenance services for vehicles. Our team of experts is there to prevent damage; they can repair your brakes when it’s needed.

While some modern cars have a warning system that shows an indicator on your vehicle’s dashboard, most vehicles don’t. Once your car starts squealing, you have less than four weeks before the brake pads are completely worn away, leaving your vehicle to resort to metal-on-metal friction. This will cost you more than brake maintenance at Dale’s as it could potentially warp your wheel.

Road Safety Matters

When driving any vehicle, your safety is dependent on the health of your vehicle’s essential components, especially the braking system.

At Dale’s service center, we have been providing automotive services to thousands of happy clients, ensuring their safety behind wheels. From general repairs to specific maintenance, we do it all, and we do it perfectly.

Contact us to get your vehicle’s brakes checked and serviced for a secure trip wherever you go.

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