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Beat the Heat With Top AC Repair

With summertime in full swing, driving to various locations is a necessity. But it’s rather wise to get your car checked forehand for any issues when the temperature can shoot up to as high as 90 F in places like Davenport, Iowa. Identifying and resolving issues before you go on the road is better than having an issue arise in the middle of your travel.

Common Vehicle Problems During Summertime

Here are some common problems that arise with vehicles during summertime:

Overheated Engine

It’s a no-brainer that your car’s engine will likely heat up at such a high temperature. Though other factors contribute to the issue, temperature rise can worsen the situation. Having the fluids drop down relatively faster than usual is a standard indicator that your car’s engine needs help.

An overheated engine can cause the car to break down, and the fumes and heat from under the hood could be hazardous. Get it to an auto repair shop nearby, or call for repair services in the area to help you out in case your car breaks down in the middle of the road.

Poor Battery

A common misconception is that the winter months weaken your car’s battery. At the same time, there’s no doubt that summers can be equally detrimental to your car’s battery performance. Extreme temperatures can cause your car’s battery to heat up quickly as the car’s AC is trying to keep all the parts cool, straining the battery.

A reliable indication that your car’s battery might need to be replaced is the slow start of the car. You can also get the airflow above your battery or the battery’s components checked forehand to save you the hassle in the middle of your journey.

Broken Air Conditioning

Nobody wants to sit in scalding hot seats, which is usually the case when your car’s parked outside in the summers. Having a broken air conditioning system on top of that could only exacerbate the situation, causing various health issues as well. When your vehicle’s fluids drop faster than usual, it’s mostly an indication that your car’s AC needs the magic hands of a repairman and that it’s time for AC repair.

Get this issue fixed before going on long trips. You can also park your car in a shadowy area or drive only during cooler times of the day to avoid straining the AC.

Dale’s Service Center Is the Best Choice for AC Repair!

Summertime should be fun instead of the endless hassle of getting your car’s components in pristine condition. Hence, get your car a maintenance check before hitting the road. Even if you need a repairman to fix your car’s troubles, go for only the most reliable auto repair service providers to get it right the first time.

Dale’s Service Center is a reputable Davenport auto repair and maintenance service that can be your one-stop solution. The team of experienced professionals here are experts in AC repair and bringing your engine back to its original performance so that you can head to your destination without any breakdowns in the middle. Their towing services in the Quad Cities region can also come in handy if your car needs fixing in the repair shop.

To reach out to the most reliable AC repair service providers, contact us.

To get a one-on-one appointment for detailed discussions on your vehicle, fill out the form here.

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