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Avoid Costly Transmission Repairs With Proper Maintenance

Avoid Costly Transmission RepairsMost people in Davenport and surrounding areas would rather avoid a transmission repair when possible, especially on older vehicles. Depending on the age of your car, the repair could cost as much or more than your vehicle is worth. When you need transmission service you can count on Dale's Service Center for maintenance, repairs, and more. We have a few tips below that we hope will help you avoid a huge repair bill!

Maintaining your vehicle is important if you want it to get you around safely for years to come. Have your car serviced regularly, change the oil, take care of it. You know the drill - but how can you keep your transmission in good shape? Whether you drive a stick or have an automatic transmission, we've got you covered.

Have an automatic transmission? You're among the majority of motorists, however automatic transmissions are far more complex than manual transmissions. First of all, if you don't know how to check the transmission fluid, learn. It should have an odor that's a bit sweet, and be cherry red in color. Notice a burnt smell instead? Get to our auto repair shop right away to have it serviced.

Pay attention. You may notice that your transmission "slips," or it may be searching for gears. It's usually fairly easy to notice when your transmission is acting strangely, so if yours begins slipping have it serviced right away. You also want to pay attention when going up steep hills or long inclines; it the transmission seems to struggle, manually shift to a lower gear.

If you are someone who isn't afraid of DIY projects, you can drain the transmission yourself, but be sure you know what you're doing. You will need to have a new gasket on hand as draining requires that you take off the transmission oil pan, whereas flushing it only requires removing the plug. In order to access the pan you might also need to remove metal skid plates or plastic splash guards.

Maintaining a manual transmission is easier, simply because there are far fewer components. That said, how you drive your stick shift can impact your vehicle's transmission. It's important to properly engage the clutch when shifting, and avoid mashing gears. Pay attention to the RPM gauge, something most drivers of automatic vehicles don't have to do. The reading on the tachometer lets you know when it's time to change gears.

Of course if you're driving a stick shift, you probably know what you're doing. The secret to smooth operation is letting off the clutch gently, and pressing on the accelerator gently when starting in motion. Downshifting properly when you are slowing or coming to a stop is also important for protecting your transmission.

In regards to transmission fluid, a manual typically doesn't need to be changed as often. If you should need a transmission repair at some point, it will probably be significantly less expensive than with an automatic transmission.

Whether you need your transmission serviced or repaired, count on the team at Dales Service Center in Davenport, IA for all of your car repair and maintenance needs.

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