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Car Electrical Repair

Electrical Services in Davenport, IA

Dale's Service Center in Davenport offers electrical services you can count on to keep your vehicle operating as it should. Today's cars are equipped with powerful computers and complicated electronics; you will likely find it hard to determine what the problem is, but our certified auto technicians are here to help. Even when you search through your vehicle’s owner’s manual, you may not find the answer; if you do, it is likely that electrical repairs are beyond your ability. A DIY approach isn’t recommended, as you could cause damage to other components in the process of trying to fix the problem. Leave these complicated diagnostics and repair to our highly capable professionals.

What does that light on the dashboard mean, and does it indicate a serious issue? We know how anxious you may feel when that light comes on. Our auto repair experts will perform computer diagnostics to pinpoint just what the problem is, giving you peace of mind knowing it can be resolved so that you can go about your day.

Your car won’t start, or starts sporadically. Is it:

  • The battery
  • The starter
  • The alternator

Or something else?

Equipped with an abundance of sensors and a state of the art CPU, your car has a powerful computer that can leave you stranded if something doesn't work properly. A dead battery or electrical issues with the starter or alternator are fairly common problems, but it’s hard to figure just which it is on your own. When the fuel pump is going bad, your vehicle may start sometimes and other times not. Eventually, your car won’t start at all - and the starter could be damaged by that point as well.

Auto Electrical Repair Near Me

Less serious issues may not prevent you from driving, but can nevertheless be frustrating. Some examples include a power window that won't open or close, a sunroof that doesn't operate at all, or a seat heater that won’t heat on those frosty winter mornings. Our auto repair team provides electrical servicing with your safety and comfort in mind.

Chances are your vehicle is equipped with countless power accessories, from the windows and seats to sunroofs and dashboard electronics. At Dale's Service Center in Davenport we provide a wide range of auto repair services to motorists who want to feel safe and secure on the roadways. Having issues with your AC or heater controls, or a more serious problem with your transmission? Trust our team to resolve even the most complex electrical issues. Call us today at 563-293-7081.

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